I knew coming into this weekend it was going to be a interesting one with such great talent and competition competing for the prestigious Leinster Trophy the biggest trophy in Irish motorsport with big names such as Ayrton Senna and Mika Häkkinen, who wouldn’t want their name on it!!??

With testing friday, the two remaining races of the Champion Of Mondello series Saturday, the Leinster Trophy main race on Sunday it was going to be a long weekend.

We had a limited amount of tyres to use on Friday testing so we made the most of what we had worked a little on setup and we knew once we put a little fresher rubber on we’d be ok for pace in the two races on Saturday.

We qualified 5th for race on and 6th for race two which wasn’t to bad all things considered.

 I lined up on the grid for race one and I got a good start and was on Murrays tail straight away and I mamnaged to stay with him for a few laps but mad a mistake in 7a and I dropped off him slightly which put McMullan onto me and I had to go into deffensive mode but managed to hold onto fourth place until the end of the race.

For race two I lined up 6th on the grid and the 5 second board came up, I got a good start and got up to fourth place behind Murray who was in third we were all nose to tail from first to fourth but with mid way through the race Byrne who was second went off the track and got stuck caused a safety car which moved me up to third place in the race when the safety car lights went out I made sure to stay on Murray’s gearbox but couldn’t gain anymore on him to finish third in the second race of the weekend and the final race in the Champion Of Mondello Series.

Sunday was the big one,  the Leinster Trophy. As I left home on Sunday morning for the drive up the weather was glorious sun splitting the rocks but as I reached Mondello the dense fog was down. The track was dry but the air was fresh and by the time qualifying came around it was almost clear.

For qualifying we were the first car in paddock assembly which meant we had a nice clear road ahead! With the times so close all the way during everyone was swapping positions all the way through we were third at one stage but we finished up in fifth on the grid for the Leinster Trophy final. I was happy with the result considering we were the only car in the top six without brand new tyres on!!

 We lined up on the grid for our pre race interviews and then took off on our green flag lap. We lined up on the grid the board five second board came out and lights out I didn’t get one of my usual good starts I got a little too much wheel spin but a over opportunist move by Murray around the outside of Daly left him stranded on the side of the track after a tangle of wheels at the first corner in a twenty minute race. The race was red flagged and we were brought back to our original starting positions and we got back underway after a thirty minute wait on the grid while we waited the verdict of weather Murray was ging to be let back out or not and in the end he was... We did another formation lap and we lined up on the grid and this time I got a better start but got boxed in behind Byrne and McMullan.. I chased hard behind McMullan but couldn’t find a way through. I had good pace in the race and I went for a move into Tarzan one but it didn’t pay off and I locked up and narrowly missed clipping the back of McMullan luckily I got back on maintained my position and finished the race all be it in fifth place.

The next race I’ll be competting in is in Brand Hatch at the Formula Ford Festival which I’m thoroughly looking forward to. You’ll be able to keep up to date with my progress on Twitter.com/seandoyleracing and Facebook.com/seandoyleracing